Marquee Hire Advice

  1. What size marquee should I have?

Each individual function will have its own requirements dependent upon numbers of persons, type of event and size of venue. We can arrange a site visit with no obligation for a quote to suit your specific needs.

  1. Can the marquee only be erected on grass?

No, whilst grass is the easiest surface to work with, other surfaces may require pin holes drilled in order to ensure the Marquee remains secure. These can be made good upon clearing the site.

  1. What exactly is an interior lining?

For events such as weddings and corporate hospitality events, we put a coloured silk lining on the inside of the marquee which adds ambience and atmosphere. The most common colours used are ivory or white as the main lining and then optional coloured swags and valances can be overlaid onto this.

  1. How will you confirm my booking?

A deposit of £200 is required to confirm an order. The balance of the account must be paid in full on or before the day of erection.

Confirmation and final invoice of your order will be given in writing upon receipt of your deposit and unless any further requirements are necessary no further contact will be made until a week prior to the event.

  1. How far in advance should I place my order?

Your bookings should be made as early as possible. Summer months are the busiest period so allow 3-6 months to secure your chosen date.

More Information

  1. When will you erect the marquee?

Normally 1-2 days before your function begins depending on the size of event, unless you request otherwise.

  1. What form of heaters can you supply?

We provide various types of heaters. Air-heaters can be supplied where children’s safety is paramount, this is a safer option to gas cabinet-type heaters which are normally provided.

  1. Do you know of any venues where I could have one of your marquees installed?

Yes, we could advise on a number of private locations, contact us for more details.

  1. What advice would you give for finding another company other than Essex Marquees?

If Essex Marquees are not suitable for your event, there are a few things that are worth remembering if you decide to look for another company.

Power Supply and Generators

Wherever possible beware of hidden charges (delivery charges, insurance and other extras such as windows). If you can, speak to clients of that company, a reputable company should have enough satisfied clients to allow you to ask them their opinion.

Remember, you may well find a cheaper quotation but why compromise quality for price.


Power Supply and Generators

How you run power to the marquee depends on two main questions:

1) How much power is required?

2) How near is the marquee from a secure mains supply in meters?

For low power requirements, close to a building it may be possible to run 13amp extension cables to the marquee.

For greater power demands you will require separate power distribution from inside the marquee fed by either a generator or a supply from the mains installed by an accredited electrical contractor which can be provided by Essex Marquees.